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Commonwealth Games Schedule - Birmingham 2022

Thu 28th July 2022

A total of 12 Para athletes will be representing Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland at the 2022 Games in Brimingham. The 2022 Games will see the addition of a number of additional Para events, making the games the most inclusive to date.

We are looking forward to following all of Team NI at the games and wish all athletes success.

The full list of Para athletes involved in TeamNI are:

  • Bethany Firth - Swimming
  • Barry McClements - Swimming
  • Siomha Brady - Swimming
  • Conn Nagle - 3x3 Wheelchair Basketball
  • James MacSorley - 3x3 Wheelchair Basketball
  • Matt Rollston - 3x3 Wheelchair Basketball
  • Nathan McCabe - 3x3 Wheelchair Basketball
  • Oliver Gunning - ParaTriathlon
  • Chloe MacCombe - ParaTriathlon
  • Judith MacCombe - ParaTriathlon
  • Mark Millar - Athletics 
  • Eve Walsh Dann - Athletics 


To see the schedules for Team NI please see below:

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