Disability Sport NI acts as the “National Governing Body” / Development Agency for the sports of Wheelchair Basketball and Boccia in Northern Ireland. Disability Sport NI is committed to ensuring a Clean Sport environment and we work in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), British Wheelchair Basketball and Boccia UK to ensure that the integrity of our sport is protected.

The anti-doping rules of Disability Sport NI are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping Limited (or its successor), as amended from time to time. Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of Disability Sport NI.


UKAD Assurance Framework

DSNI is currently in the process of completing the UKAD Assurance Framework which is the primary mechanism through which NGBs demonstrate to UKAD their compliance with the National Anti-Doping Policy. We have been working closely with UKAD and we are aiming to have this completed in the next month and our strategy and implementation plan updated.


Board Engagement

Greg Yarnall was appointed the Designated DSNI Board member for Anti-Doping in March 2024. The DSNI board adopted the UK Anti-Doping Rules at the March 2024 board meeting and Anti-Doping will be a recurring agenda item at future board meetings.



Wheelchair Basketball – Annually, the Northern Ireland Wheelchair Basketball Academy provides mandatory training for all athletes within the Programme. This is achieved in partnership with Sport NI’s Clean Sport Officer, who provides Zoom workshops. During the 2023-2024 programme year, this was delivered on 7/11/23 to 10 athletes. Athletes are also able to access e-learning, with Clean Sport being promoted at two Wheelchair Basketball NI League Game days throughout the year. Athletes who progress along the Player Pathway, are supported by Great Britain in relation to Anti-Doping information, with training and education occurring in line with the international competition structure.

Boccia – Clean Sport was promoted at two boccia events during the year, by way of a pop-up designed in partnership with Sport NI. Information on Clean Sport was also included in our Athlete Handbook. Athletes have been made aware of e-learning resources that they can access throughout the season. We have worked closely with Sport NI’s Clean Sport Officer to identify training needs and timelines for workshops.


We have continued to display our Clean Sport Banners at competition days across both Boccia and Wheelchair Basketball and communicated the updates to the Prohibited List to our athletes.

We have communicated and supported Clean Sport Week 2023, sharing information with our coaches, clubs and athletes and sharing posts on our social media channels.

As part of Clean Sport week we shared the Clean Sport video featuring NI Boccia athlete Claire Taggart on our social media channels (20+) Video | Facebook