Free Stay Active Online Exercise Classes for Groups

Mon 15th February 2021

Disability Sport NI is offering free Stay Active Online Exercise Classes to disability groups or organisations. The following activities will be available:

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is a low impact and safe form of exercise designed to improve your health and well-being through slow, gentle and flowing movements.  It can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels and is an excellent activity for improving balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Your instructor will introduce you to Tai Chi, guide you through some Tai Chi exercises and adapt the exercises to suit your ability level.

This programme is open to anyone interested but is especially suited to beginners and can be done seated if necessary. Each class will last 45 minutes.

Low Intensity Exercises 

Low Intensity Exercises will aim to work the whole body, while having minimal impact on the body’s joints and only using your body weight. The sessions will include exercises that are low impact and cardio-based and your body will be working to 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

This exercise is perfect for older people and those coming back from injury or great for anyone seeking an active way to recover on a day off. Low intensity exercises are low risk and fat burning whilst improving flexibility, strength, stability, and balance. The sessions can be adapted to suit everyone and will last 45 minutes,

Armchair Aerobics 

Armchair aerobics are a form of rhythmic stretches and movements, designed to improve all elements of health and general fitness – arms, legs, flexibility, breathing and mental health.

The movements are done to music and as the name suggests they are carried out while seated. Armchair aerobics are suitable for all ages and for anyone with balance or mobility issues, or any reason that makes exercising whilst standing difficult.

Participants take part at their own pace and level and can rest at any point during the session if necessary. The sessions will last for 40 minutes.

Love To Move 

Love to Move, developed by The British Gymnastics Foundation, is a specifically designed programme to increase cognitive reserve – we lose this as we age or through diseases such as Dementia or Parkinson’s.

The sessions contain movement patterns that improve bilateral coordination and exercises to work on different parts of the body but most importantly, different parts of the brain.

It is set to specific and appropriate music and is fun with a good old sing song included. The sessions last  for 40 minutes.

For further information or to speak with a member of the Disability Sport NI team please contact us on or 028 9046 9925.