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Why Support Us

Why Support Us

Disability Sport NI annually support up to 15,000 people with a disability in Northern Ireland to take part in sport and active recreation. It is through your generous support that people with a disability have the opportunity to be active and be the best.

On a daily basis we witness the positive impact that we make to the lives of people with disabilities through sport and active recreation. Participation can bring a sense of pride, achievement, comradeship, confidence and improved self-esteem as well as benefiting physical and mental health.

Although our programmes currently benefit up to 15,000 disabled people each year, we are continually evolving and seeking new opportunities to increase disability sports participation in Northern Ireland.

"Despite our very best efforts, the reality remains that the vast majority of people with disabilities in Northern Ireland simply do not currently get the opportunity to participate in a sport or physical activity of their choosing. With your help we can change this." Kevin O'Neill, Chief Executive of Disability Sport NI

As a charity we are able to continue our work thanks to the generosity of our supporters who raise funds for us. We are fortunate to have received support from individuals, groups, schools and corporate groups. Our work is also greatly enhanced by our dedicated volunteers who selflessly give their time to support our programmes and events. 

If you are inspired by Disability Sport NI and would like to support us, your help no matter how big or small would make a real difference. Together we can ensure that in the future, people with disabilities face no barriers to an equality of opportunity to live full, active and healthy lifestyles through sport and active recreation.

Thank you

Be active. Be the best.

Disability Sport NI provide an equality of access to sport and active recreation opportunities for people with a disability in Northern Ireland.

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